Aeronautical technologies

SciAdv is active in the Aeronautical sector with both services and products for aircraft

Commercial valuations of airplanes and helicopters

SciAdv performs appraisals and commercial evaluations of aircraft and helicopters for banks and leasing companies as an independent expert. Sciadv evaluators are members of Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization LLC (PAAO) as well as experienced Pilots and Aeronautical Engineers enrolled in the Order of Architects and Engineers of the Canton of Ticino.

Thanks to the Gemini proprietary computer system, Sciadv is able to process appraisals on the market value of airplanes and helicopters by applying the MCA method. Sciadv uses AOPA’s Aircraft Bluebook and V-REF system as a calculation reference as well as accessing the main public databases of aircraft for sale to obtain asking prices.

The evaluation form consists of the following chapters:

CAP1A Characteristics of the aircraft
CAP1B Characteristics of the engines
CAP2A Inspection
CAP2B Inspection Maintenance, Insurance, Documents
CAP2C Inspection History of the aircraft
CAP3A Comparable Evaluation Method MCA Aircraft BlueBook
CAP3B Evaluation of restoration costs
CAP3C Comparable Valuation and Market Analysis
CAP3D Evaluation

Agps: Attitude determination system

We developed the algorithm to determine the attitude of an aircraft based only on GPS signals. This ahars system, resulting from the patent of one of our collaborators, was then translated into a prototype.
How does it work? GPS constellation signals are received by 4 antennas connected to as many commercial receivers (COTS). The information on the signal, which is seen simultaneously by the four antennas – receivers, is then processed in order to get the orientation angle of the same antennas, given the distance among them.
The software was developed in Matlab e Delphi (interface). See patent

Smart Flight Index

The project was born in the R&D field from a collaboration between Ontonix, QBT, Science Adventure and the UCM Lugano Campus university. Using sensors placed on board an aircraft, the complexity profiles of the various parameters will be studied to investigate the possibility of defining an aircraft cabin comfort index to be applied as a certification method for different classes of aircraft. The tests took place at the Aeroclub of Como.

See publications here